Production Process

Establish the service you require

We offer IVR (Interactive Voice Response) productions for guiding your customers to the right department, on-hold message productions for when your callers are placed on hold or transferred, and OOH (Out Of Hours) productions, for informing your callers of opening times when the offices are closed.
We offer installation of equipment, configuration and maintenance with regular updates to your messages.

Create a script for your production

We will help you create the script for your production. With many years experience in the industry, we know the most effective ways of delivering your advertisements to your customers whilst they are on-hold. Not only can we advise you on your script, if you’re stuck we will even write the script for you! Just let us know about your latest offers and our copywriters will create you a punchy, professional script tailored for your company.

We create the production

After your script has been confirmed, our voice artists will record it. Our expert media team will then mix the voice tracks with your chosen music and sound effects to produce the finished advertisements – when you are happy with the production, it can go live to your audience!


The time may come when you want to update your messages. Some businesses change their messages frequently, some productions don’t need to change often. If you do require a remix, we can usually remix a production in 1-3 working days after the script has been confirmed.