Auto Attendants

Creating the right first impression in business is as easy as… I…V…R! Ensuring callers are greeted correctly and directed efficiently is as essential to your corporate image as the quality of the sign in front of your premises. Producing bespoke IVR (Interactive Voice Response) auto-attendants, with Rija, your customers will be greeted pleasantly and professionally every time they call.

Why have your office manager, receptionist, or administrator tied up with directing calls? Rija auto-attendant menus are designed with the structure of your business in mind; allowing callers to quickly reach the right member of staff, while setting your administrative personnel free to better assist your customers.

As our auto-attendants are recorded using a wide range of professional voiceover artists in our in-house production studio, you can be sure that you’ll make a lasting impression, with crystal clear audio quality. What’s more, messages can be quickly and easily uploaded to any modern phone system, and restructured to suit the changing nature of your business.


Reduces time spent by staff directing calls
Improves callers’ perceptions of customer service
Enhances corporate image
Enquiries always directed to the most appropriate staff member